Anyone entering a Spectacle managed venue will be required to wear properly fitting face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines. Spectacle reserves the right to enforce this even if that venue’s governing state removes their mask mandate.

• Always Mandatory – Face coverings will be required at all times an individual is in the venue. The only time a face covering may be removed is during actively eating, drinking, or by the performer during their performance.

• Properly Fitting – All face coverings must be fitted properly and cover both an individual’s mouth and nose.

• No Bandanas - Bandanas are not allowed as face coverings.

• Face Shields – Face shields cannot be worn in lieu of masks but are permitted in conjunction with the wearing of a proper mask.

• Masks Available – Any guests or employees who does not have a proper face covering will have one provided to them.


Air Purification - Spectacle has increased the amount of fresh air exchange in the audience chamber and spaces with HVAC. We also will be encouraging the opening of windows/doors when weather permitting.

Enhanced Cleaning - Spectacle has trained its staff in proper cleaning methods to combat airborne pathogens and increased our cleaning frequency. We have also added the use of Victory VP300ES electrostatic sprayers and Diversey Virex II 256 (on EPA List N for harder to kill pathogens than SARS-COV2).

Hygiene – Spectacle has increased the supply and access in our venue to hand sanitizer, soap, and water for patrons, staff, and artists to thoroughly sanitize their hands. CDC guidance signage will be hung in the venue and all guests/staff are strongly encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

Social Distancing/Reduced Capacity – In addition to state and local guidance on capacity limits, Spectacle is ensuring that in all seating areas, ingress/egress points, and waiting lines there is proper accommodations to enforce 6 feet or greater of distance between guests. This includes seating pods, line que circles and stanchion, signage, and staff.

Mobile Ticketing – All patrons will be required to purchase their tickets in advance on (no day of ticket purchases) and will only have the choice of mobile or PAH ticketing to reduce touch points. All ticket scanners used by Spectacle are contactless.

Sneeze Guard Barriers – At all concessions points of sale, plexi-glass barriers will be in use to protect employees/patrons.

Temperature checks/Screening – Prior to their shift all Spectacle employees will have their temperature checked. All patrons, employees, and artists will also need to complete an attestation to being COVID symptom free or vaccinated.

At times Spectacle’s policies and protocols may go above and beyond local regulations.

Kind Regards,
The Colonial Laconia Team